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Cannot write to a directory.

Gallery Server Pro cannot write to the directory "D:\sites\\httpdocs\gallery\App_Data". This may be due to insufficient permissions. Check that the directory exists and that the web application has read, write and modify permission to it. If the application is running at less than Full Trust, the path must be within the web application. By default, the IIS worker process runs under the ASPNET user in IIS 5 and 5.1, Network Service in IIS 6 and 7, and IIS AppPool\DefaultAppPool in IIS 7.5. NOTE: You may need to restart the IIS application pool to force your changes to take effect.

Hint: Configure a Read-Only Gallery

You can configure your gallery to have read-only access to your media objects library. For example, you may want to expose your media collection on your web site but you want to guarantee that nothing, not even the web site code, can modify your original files. Read more about this feature in the Administrator's Guide.